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Chimney Damp Repair By Kent's Best!

chimney damp removalIf you've found damp in your chimney, make sure it's removed quickly and effectively by professionals.

If left, chimney damp can cause severe problems for your property. Avoid this risk by hiring a professional roofing and chimney company that specialises in the safe removal of chimney damp. At Preservatim Ltd, we work throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey, providing homeowners with the very best in damp removal services.

Found some damp in your home or commercial property? Call our expert team today on 0800 731 6747 and one of our experienced roofing specialists will visit your property as soon as possible.

Fast and effective chimney repairs

Utilising our extensive experience and the very best damp removal equipment, our experienced and highly skilled roofing team will quickly and safely remove any damp and carry out any necessary chimney breast or stack repairs. Our team will ensure that your chimney is completely free of all dampness and give you guidance and advice on how to do what you can to avoid it happening again in the future.

What causes chimney damp?

There are a variety of reasons why dampness in chimney breasts can occur. These include:

Rising dampness

Usually found on the ground floor at the skirting board level. This is essentially ground water coming up through the brickwork. Telltale signs include blistering paint, peeling wallpaper, crumbling plaster and salt tidal marks or dark shadowy areas appearing on the plaster.

Faulty roofing

Poor lead flashings, chimney stack re-pointing, poor flaunching and uncapped pots can all cause chimney damp by allowing moisture to enter the chimney stack and make its way down into the home.

Penetrative dampness

If chimney stacks are placed on a gable wall, they are exposed to the elements, meaning rainwater slowly gets into the chimney breast and starts to appear on the plasterwork. Often this can happen on either side of the breast in the alcoves. There is also a chance that ceilings can also become damp in this region, where the plaster sucks the moisture across.

How we will repair your chimney

In mild cases, we will remove all the contaminated plasterwork, apply salt neutralisers, waterproof render the areas affected and then re-skim the entire chimney breast. If the chimney damp is severe, our experts will de-plaster the entire chimney, wrap it all in a mesh membrane and then plaster it. Using the finest materials and the very latest equipment, this method will ensure that neither salt nor moisture will be allowed to reach the surface of the plaster again.

Based in Tonbridge, we offer homeowners and businesses across the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region the very best in chimney damp removal. We have recently carried out projects for domestic and commercial customers in Tonbridge, Maidstone, Medway, Leatherhead, Guildford, Tunbridge Wells and Hastings.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly and helpful team and arrange your property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.

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