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Preservatim Southern Ltd
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Specialist Damp Proofing in Faversham

Reliable, highly effective and proven woodworm treatment, dry rot control and damp proofing from Faversham's specialists!

If your Faverham business premises or home is suffering from damp, make sure it's looked at immediately by the specialists here at Preservatim! If you don't, and you leave the damp unattended, it could cause you and your building serious problems. So if you have found an issue, call Faversham's leading damp proofing and removal experts at Preservatim now on 0800 731 6747. With an in-house damp surveying service and a highly experienced team, we provide Faversham clients with a personalised and truly reliable service that comes with an optional 20 year insurance-backed guarantee if required. 

There are a variety of things that can cause damp, ranging from condensation and leaking guttering to leaky pipes, so if you think you have found damp forming because of any one of these reasons, call Preservatim today.   

A truly comprehensive damp proofing service across Faversham

Working across Faversham, Kent and the South East, we specialise in providing commercial clients and homeowners from throughout the region with the very best in penetrating damp, damp proofing and damp removal services. Our comprehensive variety of damp proofing services includes: 

  • Injection and spray solutions
  • Damp proofing
  • Timber treatments
  • Dry rot control
  • Penetrating damp
  • Wood and building preservation
  • Wet rot control
  • Damp removal
  • Woodworm treatment
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Condensation treatment
  • Historic building work
  • Chimney damp contamination problems
  • Waterproof membranes for floor levelling
  • Plastering and finishing after treatment

As one of Faversham's most professional and experienced penetrating damp and damp proofing specialists, there is nothing we don't know or haven't done when it comes to damp proofing. Boasting decades of expertise and experience, our talented and highly skilled team have a comprehensive knowledge of a wide variety of different damp and dry rot situations and know how to best deal with them. Utilising the latest and very best products and techniques, we guarantee every Faversham client cost effective and reliable damp removal and proofing results every time. Competitively priced with superb customer service and a policy of keeping our work incredibly tidy, we can also undertake initial damp surveys and provide associated building works and repairs to areas affected by dry rot and damp.

Widely certified, trusted and approved across Faversham and Kent

In addition to all our surveyors being CTIS and CRDS qualified, as a company we are also members of the BWPDA, the Property Care Association and Trustmark. Alongside being acknowledged and recognised by a number of different industry bodies and qualifications, we also offer a 20 year guarantee for damp proofing injection and timber treatment works where applicable. In addition, we also have an optional 20 year guarantee by GPI Guarantee Protection, if applicable.

So if you're based in Faversham, Kent or anywhere else across the South East, speak to the damp proofing, dry rot control, basement waterproofing, condensation and woodworm specialists here at Preservatim. 

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